Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic

Frequently, I am asked what it takes to make a sales letter, ad, brochure or other marketing material so compelling that it actually generates a response.  The key is to make sure every word is focused on customer benefits.

To get a really good idea of how this works, get your hands on a catalogue of magic tricks!

The companies who sell illusions to magicians have to explain effectively what effect will be created by using the trick, while not giving away too much information about the trick itself.  After all, if they told you how to do it, there would be no reason to buy the illusion.

Using this very descriptive technique also works well in sales conversation and presentations.

Do you believe in magic?  You should, because using the magic trick marketing technique can help you create commission dollars out of thin air!


One Response to “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?”

  1. Rob Caldwell Says:

    This sounds like a great idea that I’m going to try. Thanks for the insight.

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