Today’s Sales Hit: STIR IT UP

You already attend regular meetings all the time, right? Maybe it is a Chamber of Commerce, service organization, professional association or leads group.

Do you sit at the same table with the same people every time?? Most people do. It’s just natural to fall back on the comfortable friendships already established.

But don’t get stuck in a rut; stir it up!

Make a deliberate point of meeting at least one or two new people every time you go to your regular meetings, even if it means sitting at a different table.

Go beyond just getting their business card and asking about their company. Take the time to draw out more of who they are as a person, discover what you have in common, and sow the seeds for what become a close friendship.

And remember to follow up appropriately with a call, a note, or an in-person visit to just say hello without making a pitch.

Once the friendship has taken root, you’ll be in a great position to help a friend when they need what you sell.

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