Have you ever found yourself in a sales rut? Not falling behind, but not getting ahead either?

A technique that can help you snap out of it is to change your routine.

It doesn’t have to be a huge shift…just a little nudge may do the trick. What kind of nudges?

If you always go to a lunchtime Chamber meeting, try a morning or afternoon event.
If you always send prospecting letters, try prospecting calls.
If you typically bring a brown-bag lunch, trying meeting a client, colleague or friend for a lunch.
If you always use the freeway after work, take the long way home on the surface streets.

To stimulate your sales creativity, start doing things just a little differently.

It might be just the trick for getting out of your rut and back into the express lane to selling success!

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2 Responses to “Today’s Sales Hit: TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME”

  1. Himanshu Sahani Says:

    Why have you stopped posting Sales hits?

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