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Today’s Sales Hit: THE WAY IT IS

September 18, 2012

Over the weekend, I noticed an a-board sign on the roadside pointing out the direction to turn for an estate sale going on. Since I had some time available, I decided to stop in. I’ve had some amazing finds in vinyl records and vintage instruments at other estate sales, so I was excited to see what might be waiting for me at this one.

Sadly, the only records there were not worth buying.

As I browsed through the rest of the sale, I noticed a framed collection of vintage lapel pins from the 1984 Olympics. They were in pristine condition and I knew my father-in-law would be excited to add these to his collection.

The price was $50, but I only had $20 cash in my pocket. Typically, the prices drop by 50% on the 2nd day of the sale, but I didn’t want to hassle with coming back 24 hours later.

I asked the clerk if they would give me the half-off price since they were just about to close up for the day. The answer was no.

Then I asked if they accepted credit cards; that answer was also no.

Finally, I asked if they had seen the new card readers that work with smartphones to make accepting credit cards easy and affordable. They told me they had been in business 40 years taking cash only and that’s just the way it is.

I left empty-handed that day, and I am almost certain the item sold the next day for $25.

Bottom line: the seller lost around $23 of pure profit ($50 less the credit card fee, around 3%) on that sale because they are not willing to make it easy for customers to buy from them. Who knows how many other sales were not made for the same reason?

And all because, “that’s just the way it is”.

Doing business the same old way it’s always been done could be the fastest way to go out of business.

I challenge you to constantly review your selling policies. Take a close, thoughtful look. Find the things that don’t serve your customer (OR your bottom line!) and change them. Investigate new technology and use anything that helps your customers say ‘yes’ quickly and easily to buying from you.

Don’t ever let “the way it is” stand in the way of “the way it ought to be”!

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